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JasGlow Beauty

Cat Eye Faux Mink Lashes: Natural & Wispy

Cat Eye Faux Mink Lashes: Natural & Wispy

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Cat Eye Faux Mink Lashes: Natural & Wispy by Jasglow Beauty

Unveil the secret to alluring, captivating eyes with Jasglow Beauty’s Cat Eye Faux Mink Lashes. Designed for the beauty maven, the anime enthusiast, and the innovation-seeking makeup artist, these lashes bring a touch of natural flair to your look with exquisite brown tones that captivate and enchant.


  • Brand Name: Jasglow Beauty
  • Item Type: False eyelash
  • Quantity: 5 pairs
  • Material: Premium Synthetic Hair - cruelty-free mink effect
  • Style: Full Strip Winged Lashes with Cat Eye Effect
  • Length: 1cm-1.5cm for a subtle, yet arresting look
  • Terrier: Comfortable Black Cotton Stalk
  • Manufacturing: Meticulously Hand Made
  • Origin: Mainland China, Shandong province
  • Inclusion: Versatile design allowing for 2 charming beauty styles

Revel in the Natural Appearance that seamlessly blends with your real lashes. Dare to step out from the shadows with the sophisticated brown hue that's redefining lash fashion standards. Elevate your allure with lashes that promise not just a look but a statement.

Discover Dual Ways Of Being Beautiful with 5 pairs of manga-esque, natural-looking lashes. Adaptable as strip lashes or individual tufts, they empower you to creatively define the volume and style suited for your unique self-expression.

Welcome to ALICROWN, where passion meets beauty and your enchantment is our priority. Should our lashes fall short of bewitching you, our commitment to your satisfaction stands strong with support for refund & exchange within a grace period of 30 days.

Indulge in a luxurious transformation that is more than a mere addition to your makeup — it’s a gateway to newfound confidence and creative expression. Step into a world where your eyes weave tales of beauty and precision. Feel the joyous thrill of joining a fellowship of passionate advocates for sophistication and exceptionality in beauty craft.

  • Indulge in the luxury of premium synthetic hair — superior quality, cruelty-free, and indistinguishable from real mink.
  • Winged for perfection, our lashes are handcrafted to elevate every look with natural, yet dramatic panache.
  • Delight in the variety and value of five distinct pairs of lashes, ready to accompany you on a spectrum of occasions.
  • Anime-inspired, the trendy brown shade is our homage to innovative beauty — daring you to redefine the rules.
  • With an endorsed reputation, join a community that celebrates remarkable craftsmanship, aesthetics, and the art of beauty.

Elegant yet whimsical, our product description is your invitation to experience Jasglow Beauty’s exquisite offering. Transform your gaze with lashes that testify to your individuality and creativity. It's not just makeup; it's your personal signature on the canvas of beauty.

Sweep up these mesmerizing lashes from Jasglow Beauty. Magnify your beauty, magnify your eyes, magnify your aura. #CatEye #FauxMinkLashes #JasglowBeauty #NaturalWispy #AnimeLashes #BrownIsTheNewBlack #MakeupRevolution #EvocativeEyes #WingedPerfection


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