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Gold Ginseng Face Serum: Anti-wrinkle, Lightning, Moisturizing (100ml/120ml)

Gold Ginseng Face Serum: Anti-wrinkle, Lightning, Moisturizing (100ml/120ml)

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Gold Ginseng Face Serum: Anti-wrinkle, Lightning, Moisturizing (100ml/120ml)


Uncover timeless beauty with Jasglow Beauty's Gold Ginseng Face Serum, your ultimate ally against the signs of aging. Specifically tailored for women ages 25-50, this serum is infused with a unique Natural Ginseng Formula, designed to provide not just superior skincare but an experience that pampers the soul. Our serum delivers a triple threat against common skin woes – it combats wrinkles, enlightens the skin tone, and delivers intense moisture.

Key Benefits

Natural Ginseng Formula

Crafted from the pure essence of ginseng, this oil-based serum offers a soft and gentle touch, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. With its roots in Mainland China, the traditional wisdom of ginseng is coupled with our state-of-the-art formulation for extraordinary results.

Long-lasting Hydration

Enriched with deep moisturizing capabilities, it locks in hydration to reveal irresistibly smooth skin. Its unique ability to nourish and continuously hydrate sets the stage for a revitalized, radiant complexion.

Revitalize and Nourish

The essence invigorates dull skin, brightening and refreshing your appearance. Daily use leads to skin that's not just visibly younger but feels energized, maintaining optimal health with every application.

Firming and Pore Minimizing

Experience enhanced elasticity and minimized pores, ensuring your skin retains a youthful, firm texture. The serum's commitment to maintaining your skin's tautness showcases beauty paired with confidence.

Exclusive Ginseng Formula

Made with an exceptional ginseng blend, the serum stands apart with ingredients sourced for their purity and efficacy. By nurturing your skin with the highest grade of ginseng, we guarantee unmatched nourishment.

Triple Action Benefits

Our serum simplifies your beauty regime, offering anti-aging, lightning, and moisturizing properties in a single, powerful product. Discover multifaceted care tailored to your skin's diverse needs.

Modern Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

By incorporating the traditional benefits of ginseng supported by contemporary research, we've curated a serum that honors the past while effectively catering to modern-day skincare demands.


  • Net content available in 120 (g/ml) and 100ml options.
  • Compact dimensions for easy storage and application: 5510cm/1.971.973.94in.
  • Each package includes one piece of Ginseng Essence Water.

Reignite your skin's inner vigor with the Gold Ginseng Face Serum. Each drop is a step toward unveiling a radiant and confident you, with a complexion that ages as gracefully as you do. Tap into ancient secrets for modern beauty rituals, and nourish your skin and soul with our Gold Ginseng Face Serum.

  • A bespoke ginseng formula that nourishes deeply and sustainably
  • Combines skin anti-aging, brightening, and hydrating qualities in one solution
  • Marries the age-old medicinal wisdom of ginseng with modern skincare science
  • Deep hydration to maintain your skin's youthful bounce and glow
  • Designed with the understanding of the contemporary woman's skincare needs

Indulge in a serum that transcends mere skincare - choose Gold Ginseng Face Serum by Jasglow Beauty for a radiant, youthful complexion that reflects your true, timeless beauty.


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