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JOCO Creamy Liquid Foundation

JOCO Creamy Liquid Foundation

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JOCO Creamy Liquid Foundation – Flawless Radiance Awaits

Discover the secret to a perfectly smooth and radiant complexion with JOCO Creamy Liquid Foundation. Designed for those who adore makeup as much as they cherish their skin's health, this luxurious foundation offers a dance of coverage and care, specifically tailored for dry to mixed dry skin types. JOCO is your ally in unveiling a stunning, dewy finish that's as natural as it is glamorous.

Key Features

  • Hydration Meets Excellence: The cream formulation provides that much-needed moisture without leaving a sticky after-feel.
  • Conceal to Reveal: Say goodbye to spots, dark circles, and enlarged pores. Our high-coverage formula creates an impeccably even skin tone.
  • Lasts as Long as You Do: Waterproof and sweat-resistant attributes guarantee long-lasting makeup, come rain or shine.
  • Wholesome Goodness: At 40ml, its generous full size and a 3-year shelf life ensure you get the most out of your beauty investment.
  • Comforting Moisture: Our moisturizing texture is a haven for dry and mixed skin, providing the delicate balance of hydrating care without greasiness.
  • Weightless Coverage: Enjoy the feeling of light and breathable makeup that doesn't compromise on skin perfection.
  • Resilient Beauty: Robust enough to withstand the elements, this foundation keeps you looking impeccable all day.
  • Value that Lasts: A shelf life of 3 years represents enduring beauty and lasting value, setting JOCO apart from fleeting alternatives.
  • Crafted lovingly for makeup enthusiasts and beauty lovers, it’s a dream come true for anyone with dry skin seeking a fresh, flawless base.


  • Consistency: Cream, for a sleek and comfortable spread.
  • Weight: 80g of potent beauty potion.
  • Dimensions: A compact 3.5x3.5x7.9cm, allowing you to take divine beauty wherever you go.
  • Adaptability: Aimed to nourish dry and combination-dry skin with ease.
  • JOCO Foundation
  • Creamy Liquid Makeup
  • Moisturizing Foundation

The JOCO Creamy Liquid Foundation isn’t just makeup; it’s a statement of care, resilience, and impeccable style. Expertly blending coverage with moisture, our formula is the epitome of beauty in every drop. It's more than just color correction—it's a nurturing veil for your skin that stands out from the crowd. Invite the essence of hydration into your makeup routine and enjoy a foundation that feels as good as it looks.

Indulge in the JOCO experience and make every day a canvas for flawless artistry.

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