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6 Colors Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick: Long-lasting, non-fading lip tint.

6 Colors Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick: Long-lasting, non-fading lip tint.

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Unveil your most beautiful and confident self with the 6 Colors Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick by DJBS. Engineered with innovation at its heart, this lipstick merges long-lasting wear and luxurious moisturization into a single stroke of brilliance.

Key Features:

  • Brand Name: DJBS - a symbol of quality and elegance.
  • Origin: IT(Origin) - crafted with passion and precision in Italy.
  • Type: LIPSTICK - every tube is a statement of high-definition color.
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit - One promise of enduring beauty.
  • Benefit: Moisturizer - for lips that are as nourished as they are mesmerizing.

Enriched with Double Touch Technology, our lipstick stands as an ambassador of avant-garde beauty, delivering vibrant colors that stay true from your early coffee run to your late-night escape. Say goodbye to constant touch-ups and fading hues with our six unique shades – each thoughtfully curated for inclusive beauty and Made for Every Me.

Here's why you'll love our 6 Colors Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick:

  • Innovative Double Touch ensures color vibrancy that endures life's every moment.
  • Six Unique Shades to perfectly match your skin tone and suit every occasion.
  • Moisturizing Magic to keep your lips luxuriously soft and plumped.
  • Precision Applicator for effortless, mess-free application that defines and contours.
  • Non-Fading Charm for a transfer-resistant finish, promising a pristine look.

Our Long-lasting Lipstick embodies a synergy of care and color. It's not just makeup; it's an extension of your personality that supports you as you conquer the world. Feel the kiss of hydration with our Moisturizing Lip Tint, and watch your beauty routine evolve with our Double Touch Technology.

Evoke Passion. Express Precision. Elevate Power. DJBS's 6 Colors Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick isn't just a product; it's a ritual that celebrates you - the beauty enthusiast, the makeup lover, the professional woman that values long-lasting aesthetics and efficiency.

Experience this beauty revolution and find your signature shade today. Indulge in a cascade of color that amplifies your unique allure.



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