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Charmacy: Luxe Velvet Lipstick - High-Quality, Long-lasting.

Charmacy: Luxe Velvet Lipstick - High-Quality, Long-lasting.

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Charmacy: Luxe Velvet Lipstick

Unveil a world where color vibrancy meets luxurious comfort with CHARMACY Luxe Velvet Lipstick. Each swipe of this exquisite lipstick envelops your lips in sumptuous, long-lasting shades, making it the beauty staple you'll reach for time and again.

Immerse in Opulence and Color

Select from our range of captivating colors, from the deepest reds to the most delicate pinks and purples. Your new velvet lipstick, originating from Mainland China, carries the prestige of high-end beauty combined with the allure of irresistible charm.

Features at a Glance

  • Brand Name: CHARMACY
  • Net Weight: 2.8g of pure elegance
  • Benefits: Enriched with moisturizing ingredients that love your lips
  • Model Number: 57001 – the symbol of your new favorite makeup essential
  • Shades Available: Red, Pink, Orange, Purple – find your perfect match

Luxurious Benefits

Indulge in the beautiful union of style and nourishment. This Luxe Velvet Lipstick is more than a color statement—it's a full-package luxury. Its lush texture not only looks stunning but also:

Hydrates your lips, offering a plush moisturizer that works behind the scenes, keeping your smile as healthy as it is radiant.

Provides long-lasting wear, infused with rich pigment that adheres to your lips, ensuring your look remains pristine through every conversation and coffee cup.

Offers a premium velvet finish, with an exquisite formula that delivers an effortlessly smooth application, standing as a testament to the quality you deserve.

Supports a wholesaler's dream, standing confident in its versatile palette. It's effortless to stock up and elevate your clientele's makeup experience with our wholesale-friendly options.

Your Style, Amplified

Our Luxe Lipstick is crafted for the day-to-night transition, the spontaneous photo ops, the memorable moments. For the Love of Luxury—our lipsticks are the essence of your unique expression. Shift shades in sync with your mood, occasion, or outfit, and leave behind an impression that just won't fade.

Charm Your Way

Assert your individuality—each color speaks to a story, yours to tell. Infuse each day with creativity and see the reflection of your inner world in these inspired hues. It's not just a lipstick; it's your personal statement of elegance and poise.

Join the Charmacy Family

If you crave luxe beauty that celebrates enduring quality and diverse allure, CHARMACY's Luxe Velvet Lipstick is your new cosmetic confidant. Join us, and grace your lips with the beauty and sophistication they deserve.

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Experience the luxury on your lips – Shop Charmacy's Luxe Velvet Lipstick now!

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