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FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss: High pigment, Long-lasting, Moisturizing

FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss: High pigment, Long-lasting, Moisturizing

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FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss: High Pigment, Long-lasting, Moisturizing

Key Features


Origin: Mainland China

Net Weight: 2g

Model Number: FA-L22

Size: Full Size

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Benefits: Moisturizer, Hydrating, Nutritious

Date of Manufacture: As Shown

Quantity: 1 Piece

Type: Lip Gloss

Certification: GZZZ (YGZWBZ)


Indulge in the exclusive FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss for a luminous, juicy look inspired by the latest Korean beauty trends. Whether you desire a subtle sheen or a vibrant pop of color, our gloss provides versatile options to match any look or mood.

Korean Juicy Jelly Lips

Experience the allure of Korea's signature juicy jelly lips, offering a light, translucent texture for that glassy, plump, and irresistibly succulent finish.

High Pigment & Long Wear

Enjoy unmistakable intensity with just one swipe; high-pigment levels assure lasting coverage, even for darker lips, in nine luscious shades ranging from Apple Bubble to Peach Oolong.

Bare Lip Sensation

Our gloss feels as natural as water on your lips—non-sticky, breathable, and delightfully soft. It offers unmatched comfort, comparable to having nothing on, paired with a tempting juice fragrance.

Healthy Moisturizing

Infused with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and citrus sinensis extract, FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss locks in moisture, nourishes your lips, and maintains their health and radiance, making it ideal for those prone to dryness.

How to Choose Your Shade

From the subtle Burnt Apricot to the bright Strawberry Soda, pick the perfect shade to complement your natural beauty and bring out the best in your lips.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Pro-juicy and high-pigmented for a luscious look
  • A lightweight, non-sticky formula for a comfortable feel
  • Glassy & plump results for enchanting lips
  • Long-lasting wear to keep you looking your best all day
  • Breathable composition for a bare-lip sensation
  • Packed with ingredients that offer healthy moisturizing effects

How to Use

For full lips, apply evenly until you achieve your desired intensity. For an on-trend ombre look, layer two contrasting shades, focusing the brighter color in the center of your lips for a Korean-style gradient effect.

Ingredients Spotlight

Our commitment to quality ingredients is unwavering. The mineral-based formula is lovingly crafted with skin-loving components that ensure your lips stay hydrated, soft, and supple.

Perfect for beauty enthusiasts, makeup lovers, and anyone who follows Korean beauty trends. FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss is your secret weapon for envious lips that share your story before a single word is spoken.

  • Authentic Korean beauty secret for that coveted dew-like look
  • Delivers intense pigmentation for all-day allure
  • Impossibly lightweight texture for ultimate comfort
  • Packed with enriching, moisturizing ingredients
  • Formulated with care for the health of your lips
  • Portable and practical, designed for the beauty maven on the move

Generate confidence and charm with picture-perfect lips that shine with health and beauty. Stay radiant and beautiful throughout the day, and enjoy being part of a community that values innovation and quality in their beauty rituals.

Korean beauty, Long-lasting lip gloss, Moisturizing makeup

Reveal the beauty within with FOCALLURE Jelly Lip Gloss—where elegance meets vibrancy for truly kissable lips.


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