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JasGlow Beauty

Velvet Matte Lip Gloss: Waterproof Long-lasting

Velvet Matte Lip Gloss: Waterproof Long-lasting

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jasglow beauty Velvet Matte Lip Gloss

Unveil luscious, long-lasting lip color with jasglow beauty Velvet Matte Lip Gloss. Our premium Matte Velvet Lip Glaze is engineered for the contemporary beauty aficionado who refuses to compromise on durability and style. Discover your ultimate lip companion, crafted for seamless all-day wear and an undeniable flair that speaks volumes.

Experience the zenith of innovation in your daily makeup routine:

  • Waterproof Prowess: Defy the elements with our unparalleled waterproof formula that ensures your pout remains perfect come rain or shine.
  • Persistent Pigment: Immerse yourself in the velvet matte luxe that lingers from your first sip of morning brew to your evening’s last hurrah—no touch-ups necessary.
  • Kiss-Proof Confidence: Our groundbreaking Non-stick cup technology liberates you from the grip of constant reapplication and lipstick stains. Wear your color with pride, not on your mask or mug.
  • Color Spectrum Splendor: Choose from a curated selection of 4 exquisite colors that promise to deliver full, rich hues capable of turning heads and elevating moods.
  • Lip Care Love: Infused with a potent blend of moisturizers, your lips stay quenched and supple, banishing the dreary days of dryness that often follow bold lip applications.

Celebrate your individuality, and express it with color:

  • Personalized Palette: Whether you're equipping yourself for a day of elegance or a night of whimsy, our range caters to every whim with vibrant, apt shades ready to accentuate your natural beauty.
  • Skin-Friendly Formula: Revel in the confidence that comes from softener-enriched, fragrance-infused lip color, promising comfort and compliance with skin-friendly certifications.
  • Beauty Guru’s Gem: A must-have in the arsenal of every makeup enthusiast, beauty blogger, and fashionista—jasglow beauty resonates with the beauty-conscious minds that crave kawaii, Korean, and elusively cute makeup aesthetics.
  • Long-Term Loyalty: Packaged with longevity in mind, the 3-year shelf life stands testament to the sustaining quality of our product.


  • Brand Name: jasglow beauty
  • Model Number: WZX2022052302
  • Size: Full Size
  • Benefits: Moisturizer, Other
  • Type: Lip Gloss
  • Certification: GZZZ (YGZWBZ)
  • Ingredient Profile: Wax, Oil, Softener, Fragrance, Coloring, etc.
  • Applicable Skin Type: Normal

Package Includes

  • 1* Matte Velvet Lip Glaze
  • Velvet Lip Gloss
  • Waterproof Makeup
  • Long-lasting Lipstick
  • Kawaii Cosmetics

Elevate your lip game to unparalleled heights with jasglow beauty Velvet Matte Lip Gloss. Grab your favorite shade and step into a world where charisma, color, and comfort coalesce. Visit [Link to Product] to shop your new go-to lip essential.

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